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Fresh off the plane in Colombo, Sri Lanka! It’s a bustling city, but your adventure craves something ancient. Do you dream of giant white towers, reaching for the sky? Whispers of forgotten kings and secrets lost to time? Maybe you picture yourself surrounded by Sri Lanka’s lush greenery, in the heart of its historic past.

Skip the city noise! We’ll whisk you away on a comfortable journey to Anuradhapura. It’s a place where relaxation meets exploration. Imagine yourself walking beside incredible ruins, each step echoing with stories from a bygone era. Let’s create an unforgettable Anuradhapura adventure, just for you!

Choose Your Ideal Ride for Your Anuradhapura Adventure:

Ancient City Escape (1-2 passengers): Feel the warm Sri Lankan breeze as you navigate winding roads in a compact car. Imagine ancient ruins peeking through the lush greenery, revealing glimpses of Anuradhapura’s glorious past. Picture yourself arriving, ready to explore this historic marvel.

Effortless Exploration (1-3 passengers): Relax in the comfort of our sedans, perfect for small groups or budget-conscious travelers. Watch the bustling city transform into serene countryside dotted with ancient dagobas (stupas). Breathe in the fresh air as you approach Anuradhapura, a place where history comes alive.

Spacious Discovery (4-6 passengers): Our SUVs offer panoramic views, ideal for families or groups seeking extra space. Picture yourselves pointing out towering ruins and intricate carvings, sharing stories with ancient wonders as your backdrop. Arrive in Anuradhapura together, ready to embark on a journey through time.

Group Pilgrimage (7-10 passengers): Arrive in style with our spacious mini-van, perfect for larger groups. Imagine sharing the excitement of your Anuradhapura pilgrimage as you journey through Sri Lanka’s captivating landscapes. The anticipation builds with every kilometer as you get closer to this historic city.

Beyond a Ride, an Anuradhapura Experience:

Your Anuradhapura Local Guide: Our drivers aren’t just chauffeurs; they’re your personal Anuradhapura experts. Learn about the fascinating history of the Ruwanwelisaya stupa, discover hidden temples for a glimpse into ancient rituals, and get insider tips for exploring Anuradhapura’s archaeological wonders.

Door-to-Door Anuradhapura Delight: Ditch the hassle of finding transportation and negotiating fares. We pick you up from Colombo and conveniently drop you off at your desired location in Anuradhapura, ensuring a smooth transition to exploring this captivating ancient city.

Transparent Anuradhapura Experience: Know your fare upfront with no hidden costs. Choose your car and travel date to receive a clear quote, allowing you to focus on planning your Anuradhapura itinerary.

Crafted for Your Anuradhapura Dreams: Whether you envision cycling through the ancient city, witnessing a breathtaking sunset over the sacred Ruwanwelisaya stupa, or simply wandering amidst the ruins and soaking up the history, we can help plan it. Share your interests, and we’ll create a personalized Anuradhapura experience that exceeds your expectations.

Unforgettable Anuradhapura Extras: Enjoy complimentary bottled water infused with local flavors, free Wi-Fi to share your Anuradhapura experiences with loved ones, and explore the city with detailed maps featuring insider tips.

Start Your Anuradhapura Journey Today:

Escape the hustle of city life and immerse yourself in Anuradhapura’s awe-inspiring ancient ruins. Feel the warmth and hospitality of our local Anuradhapura experts. Arrive in Anuradhapura ready to explore the captivating sights and experiences that make this city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Message us now for a free quote, and let us whisk you away on an unforgettable journey to Anuradhapura!

Anuradhapura Quick Facts:

  • Distance: Approximately 160 KM
  • Ride Duration: Around 4.5 – 5 Hours
  • Fare Range: Starting from 22,500 (Varies by Car Type)

Notable Accommodations:

  • Heritance Anuradhapura
  • Anuradhapura Village
  • Randunu Nuwara Mandira
  • Cloistered Bungalow

Notable Restaurants:

  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Anuradha Restaurant
  • Miyura’s Family Restaurant
  • Cutty Sark Restaurant

Notable Activities:

  • Explore the Ruwanwelisaya and Jetavanaramaya stupas
  • Climb Mihintale for panoramic views and ancient ruins
  • Visit the Sacred Bodhi Tree, a sapling from the original Bodhi Tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment
  • Explore the ruins of the ancient city, including the Abhayagiri Dagoba and the Kuttam Pokuna baths
  • Take a wildlife safari in nearby Wilpattu National Park
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